Structured Finance

Structured Financing Services Available

McDonald Financial Corporation (MFC) is highly experienced in all forms of structured finance products including but not limited to, loans, leases, all forms of enhancements, and monetizing contracts. Real estate developers, banks and insurance companies have utilized MFC’s talents in numerous industries including but not limited to, energy, marine, hospital/health care, transportation/shipping, manufacturing, hospitality, real estate development and equipment.

MFC can obtain insurance so that the financing structure provides more protection to the investor, thereby motivating investors to consider transactions they may not otherwise approve.

MFC provides numerous structures to enhance and complete transactions. These structures have enabled MFC to do the following:

Obtain investment grade transactional ratings
Increase loan-to-value funding
Lower debt service and/or lease payments
Comply with lender regulatory requirements
Achieve off balance sheet integrity pursuant to FASB
Mitigate construction risk to achieve a forward funding of the construction and term loan
Provide passive equity to the lessor as a low-cost alternative to mezzanine debt